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sallys-dogHealthy Pet Advisor is brought to you by the folks at Perfect Pet Food & Accessories. Perfect Pet Food & Accessories opened three rural Indiana stores between 2005 and 2007. With the first store, founding owner John Zezulak immediately decided to focus on only natural, holistic regional brands and multi-protien based foods. He learned as much as he could about healthier pet food, and took a consultative role with customers. “Tell me about your pet” and “I can help you with that issue” became the standard greetings. John offered permanent solutions to everyday issues that were frustrating to pet owners. The strategy was a tremendous success, and he opened the next two stores with the same philosophy, carefully training managers and staff to stand apart from typical retail grocery operations.

The owners, John and Sally, each had successful corporate careers in sales, marketing and business development. John was the top sales manager in Pepsi (Denver) and Sally came from magazine publishing (New York). Handling customers and pets with problems on a day-to-day basis was something completely different. “It is the most fun I have ever had, the most rewarding job, with the most victories,” says Sally.  John adds, “After a few years, we got really good at finding and recommending the right products for each condition. Customers gave us feedback and we learned from each one.”

After 11 years in the pet food industry, John and Sally decided it was time to retire. They sold all three of their stores to different people. The Bluffton store was sold to Emily Striker and Amanda Clark.

Amanda founded her own very successful dog training, boarding and rescue company, Canine Crossroads, in 2000. It is located just outside of Bluffton, IN. Emily has worked for Amanda since 2008. They both have a degree in professional dog training and share a passion for helping people and their pets.

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