Hair loss and excessive shedding are directly connected to skin condition and overall wellness.

And completely correctable.
Hair loss shows some skin between thinning fur--even in pets that don‘t shed. It can be in areas like ears, tail or legs--in other words, places your pet may be scratching or biting. 
Shedding is the natural, continuous loss of dead hair, and can be heavier in spring.Excessive shedding can happen all year, and causes quite a mess. 
Hair loss and excessive shedding are normally reversible unless your pet has a chronic, life-threatening condition. "Bright Eyes and a Shiny Coat" isn't a cliche for no reason. Hair condition tells us a lot about other issues.
In our Perfect Pet grooming studios:
  • we give the pet a good scrubbing with a de-shedding shampoo
  • rake off the old fur and undercoat with a good quality shedding tool
  • suggest a high-quality fish diet
  • recommend a skin & coat supplement in oil or powder form
  • sell a professional grade tool for home use
  • send the client home with a good moisturizing or de-shedding shampoo as needed
At home, you can replicate these steps and we will send you our Bad Hair Day Solutions Box of strategically picked goodies.
Log In now and take our Tell Me About Your Pet interview. If excessive shedding is your problem, there may be other Lifestyle issues we can address as well.

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