Stomach Disorders including gas, vomiting, loss of appetite and low energy

If your pet has had a recent checkup and no diseases were indicated, you may be facing straight dietary issues that are easily correctable, with our help. 
The gas, vomiting and eventual loss of appetite and low energy are all associated with food that is not digesting correctly or easily. Diarrhea and constipation may also present. Your pet may eat continuously, but he is still not getting the nutrition he needs from ingredients that suit him.
A better quality diet and stomach supplements will put dogs or cats back in shape quickly.
Your pet is an omnivore with a high concentration of meat, fish or fowl needed in his diet. Think about what she would eat out in the wild. My dogs would chase any kind of animal they could catch, but also cruise the neighbors garden for tomatoes, squash, carrots and green beans. They eat apples from the ground. They will happily eat cooked brown rice, pumpkin or sweet potato (no salt, sugar or butter, please).
Your kitty wants meat, fish and fowl to an even greater extend, and will tolerate brown rice, potato or pea as a vegetable side dish.
The both do well with some berries added for urinary tract health.  When we keep to pet foods with simple, wholesome ingredients much like you would shop for, our pets thrive.
How do you choose a new brand? Take our interview, make your payment, and we will send you a great pet food chosen for your pet, along with other fixes for stomach problems.
Unfortunately, our major pet food makers have gone to mostly grain-based diets that use corn, wheat and soy in some form. Your favorite grocery store brands are sharply deficient in the whole, simple foods simply because they cost too much to include. They also lack the good bacteria and enzymes that would be  present in foods your pets would eat naturally. Don’t be fooled by foods that shout Natural or Healthy. One of the biggest offenders uses these words five times on the label, however, the same old thing is inside, with several variations of corn, soy and by-products listed. The only meat is very far into the list, and there are four color dyes!!
Luckily, you don’t have to cook for your pet. Several hundred smaller regional companies are making great, meat-based diets for pets that include what I call the good grains (rice, oats, barley);  or go grain-free and feature potato, pea or tapioca as side-dishes. These companies also add pre-biotics, pro-biotics and enzymes to the foods after cooking. Berries for urinary health. Yucca for joint health.  Many, many more good ingredients depending on the brand. You could not replicate the goodness in these foods that have the appropriate amounts of vitamins and minerals, too.
Read your ingredient panel on the back of the bag. If it doesn’t have several references to a named meat meal (chicken meal, lamb meal, beef meal, salmon or herring or menhaden fish meal) in the first six ingredients, or uses the bad grains (corn, wheat, soy), DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT.

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