Lifestyle is defined by the quality of food it consumes, the amount of exercise it gets, the kind of maintenance care, housing, and entertainment provided, and in very large part--by breeding.

  • quality of food it consumes, 
  • the amount of exercise it gets, 
  • the kind of maintenance care, 
  • housing,
  • and entertainment provided,
  • and in very large part--by breeding. 
The breeds carry markers for activity level, personality and temperament.
He could be a working breed, herding sheep, or a hunting breed with a big outdoor life, or a city dog helping in rescue or law enforcement.
In fact, your pet’s lifestyle probably mirrors your own. An runner will choose an energetic dog to jog with, a hunter will go for a bird dog or hound, a policeman wants a guardian type. 
Seniors appreciate quieter, indoor dogs with smaller physical needs. Families want dogs that will share their activities like playing in the yard, hiking, boating and camping. Empty-nesters want a pack of playmates.
Someone who requires constant companion-ship of an easier type may prefer the quiet dignity of a domestic shorthair cat, or a houseful of them. For a more challenging pet, they look for Asian Breeds or Coons. 
Luckily for humans, pet breeds are very consistent, so if you want certain characteristics to match your lifestyle, and do your homework, you can find a fit. Conversely, a pet that does not fit your lifestyle, or your family's, is a bad prospect for happiness and a good one for the shelter.
So, why does this matter? Because you came to our website searching for solutions to some type of problem….likely one of the problems most endured.
Your pet’s problems are most likely connected to his/her lifestyle. More than that, your pet probably suffers from more than one issue, and they could be connected.  
Food choices are directly connected to: 
  1. Itching / Hot Spots / Ear Scratching
  2. Excessive Shedding or Hair Loss
  3. Stomach Disorders / Gas / Vomiting / Loss of Appetite/No Energy 
  4. Obesity
  5. Allergies
  6. Joint Pain / Stiffness
Physical or environment factors contribute to:  
  1. Chronic Fleas / Parasites / Worms 
  2. Ear or Skin Infections /Paw Licking/Nail Biting
  3. Anxiety / Nervousness / Aggression / Misbehaving
We want to be your pet’s Lifestyle Coach. Consider this: the staff in our three Perfect Pet Food & Accessories stores help thousands of pet owners per year. Almost all these customers’ pets get regular medical care. And still, they have problems. We have access and experience with over 4,000 products, and receive regular feedback from the owners about what’s working for them and what’s not. 

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